28 October 2015

Chief of Police for Niue  and Chair of the Pacific Island’s Chiefs of Police, Tony Edwards, attended the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in Chicago, 24-27 October 2015.

The annual conference and exposition is the largest and to many the most significant event of its type in the world.

More than 14,000 public safety professionals come together to learn new techniques, build their knowledge and work towards equipping their departments for future law enforcement.

“Choice of topics and sessions was probably one of the hardest part of attending such a conference” Chief Edwards said, “with over 200 workshops with 12 targeted learning paths. Each path focused on proven strategies and gave different opportunities for learning, so it was fantastic to be a part of the event”

The PICP have been represented at IACP since 2007.  It is a significant event which has the ability to expose the work of PICP to the international policing world. “I enjoyed the session that had fellow PICP members on the panel, Commissioner Mike Bush (NZ) and Commissioner Andrew Colvin (AFP)” said Edwards. “I also managed to get a seat very close to the stage when US President Obama spoke on the importance of having adequate resources for police”.

As well as developing a new set of networks, Chief Edwards also managed to catch up with PICP member, Chief Joseph Cruz from Guam.

Chief Edwards would also like to acknowledge the PICP Secretariat for assisting him in representing the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police at the conference and also his Minister of Police in Niue for supporting him and the PICP in his role as Chair.