COOK ISLANDS:Counsellor speaks out on sexual abuse (12/04/2016) gang rumours played down (17/02/2016)

Qiliho appointed Fiji police commissioner .…news/…/qiliho-appointed-fijipolicecommissioner
Fiji devastation revealed from air (22/02/2016) Police Commissioner Qiliho to remain Acting for another three months. (11/02/2016) Forensic expert Dr. James Kalougivaki  helps Vanuatu: (26/01/16) Police Commissioner Qiliho confirms application for top Fiji police role:(26/01/16) STATES OF MICRONESIA:Maritime law enforcement training conducted in Pohnpei (19/02/2016) ISLANDS:Marshalls’ new cabinet sworn in. (11/02/2016) NEW GUINEABaki: Police cases up (17/02/2016)State recruits top cop. (11/02/2016) earthquake strikes off Samoa: (08/03/2016) Prosecution Office set up in Samoa (02/02/2016) receives Chinese grant for police academy: (26/01/16) ISLANDS:

AFP assistant commissioner to head Solomon Islands police force (25/01/2017) who serve community praised on Tonga Police IWD Open Day (08/03/2016) Police Advisor Supt. Siaosi Fanamanu thanked in Tonga: (26/01/16)