Police Chiefs from across the Pacific met virtually on the 11 August for the biannual Executive Leadership Team of the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police.

The meeting began with the Chairmanship being handed to Acting Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu, Fiji Police Force. Fiji Police Force will now hold the Chair position for two years. A/Commissioner Tudravu opening remarks:

It is certainly an exciting day for Pacific policing as we continue to carry the proud 50 year legacy started by former Chiefs of Police who had a vision of establishing an organisation with common regional goals of strengthening our Pacific policing capabilities for the sake of protecting our Pacific region and its people. Fiji is proud and honoured to be taking up the Chairmanship of Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police. It is a role that we will hold with high distinction and respect as we are committed in working in partnership will all PICP member countries. Fiji is ready to contribute, support and empower Pacific Island brothers and sisters in law enforcement through PICP in whatever way possible.

Fiji Police Force will host the 50th Anniversary Conference in August 2021.

The Executive Director Glyn Rowland reported that, in light of 2020 being the PICP’s 50th Anniversary and with many PICP members being part of the Commonwealth, he had sent the new PICP Strategic Plan 2020-2024 to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty was very interested to know about the work of the PICP and responded through her Correspondence Coordinator to “convey good wishes to you and everyone involved in the organisation as you celebrate this special anniversary.”

The ELT meeting was an opportunity for Programme Leaders to discuss proposed changes to the ELT Structure, Terms of Reference and Reporting. The changes aim to align the ELT to goals and activities outlined in the new PICP Strategic Plan 2020-2024.

Two videos were shown during the meeting to showcase the PICP Strategic Plan 2020-2024 and the new Pacific Community for Law Enforcement Cooperation (PCLEC), the preferred partner coordination mechanism of the Chiefs. The PICP Strategic Plan 2020-2024 video can be viewed on YouTube.

Commissioner Mangau of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force report on the newly adopted RSIPF’s Gender Strategy and the progress to date on the work of the Women’s Advisory Network (WAN) was very well received. The PICP Chiefs are committed to support and encourage an active and effective WAN, engage in WAN activities and regularly meet with WAN members to build relationships of mutual understanding and trust.

In attendance was Commissioner Maara Tetava (Cook Islands), Commissioner Fuiavailili Keil (Samoa), Police Commissioner Andrew Coster (New Zealand), Commissioner Reece P Kershaw (Australia), Commissioner Mosty Mangau (Solomon Islands), Acting Commissioner Iven Notte (Nauru), Commissioner Chief Tim Wilson (Niue) and incoming Deputy Chair Commissioner Robert A. Guerrero (CNMI).

Also present were representatives of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Department Foreign Affairs and Trade, the senior officers from Royal Solomon Islands, CNMI, New Zealand Police and Australian Federal Police, as well as from Pacific Transnational Crime Coordination Centre, PCLEC and the Pacific Facility of Policing.

The meeting ran to time and with no technical issues.

The Cook Island Police Service will host the next Executive Leadership Team in February 2021.

Screenshot of ELT Virtual Conference

  • Acting Commissioner Tudravu and the Fiji Police Force Executive, PICP Secretariat, Commissioner Tetava, Superintendent Clifton, Acting Commissioner Notte
  • Commissioner Kershaw APM, Depty Commissioner Pointing, Commissioner Guerrero, Commissioner Coster, PICP Secretariat
    MFAT NZ, Commander McTavish, Commissioner Mangau, Commissioner Keil, PPDP-R
  • Pacific Faculty of Policing, Chief Wilson, DFAT AUS