The Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP) is a non-profit organisation made up of police services in the Pacific. The PICP works to build safer and more secure communities on Pacific Islands by improving policing.

The PICP was founded as the South Pacific Chiefs of Police Conference (SPCPC) in 1970, when representatives of seven Pacific Island countries met in Fiji. The organisation has grown over time, both in its scope and number of members, and was renamed the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP) in 2005 to reflect this wider role.

Membership is open to the national police services of Pacific Island countries and territories within the region. Currently, there are 21 members, representing more than 75,000 serving police officers.

The PICP Secretariat administers the organisation, including delivering the annual conference (in cooperation with the hosting police service) and managing the delivery of PICP policing projects.