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To run a similar workshop to the 2019 HIES Regional Sampling and Planning workshop, with a widening of the scope to include:

sampling and planning for LFS in addition to HIES, and sampling for MICS
weighting and estimation for HIES, plus any variations of this needed for LFS and/or MICS weighting and estimation
recommendations from the RMI HIES experiment – including use of CAPI
material from Part 1 of the Pacific Sampling Guidelines.
The sampling workshop has the following objectives:

Provide sampling and planning support to PICT National Statistics Offices NSO), in preparation for household surveys scheduled in 2020 – 2021 with a focus on:
Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES)
LFS (Labor Force Survey)
UNICEF MICS (Multi Indicators Cluster Survey)
Build PICT NSO capability in the following methods and tools for household surveys:
sampling concepts and theory
computation of sample sizes
run the random selection
implementation of survey field plan and budget
documentation of sampling strategy
Promote PSMB (Pacific Statistics Method Board) recommendations and guidelines to PICT NSOs, and support them in implementing these – including:
recommendations from the Republic of the Marshall Islands HIES Experiment
the Pacific Sampling Guidelines – Part 1