Pacific Police Training Advisory Group

The Pacific Police Training Advisory Group (PPTAG)’s primary objective is to enhance capacity development (training) programmes in the Pacific region, with the key areas of focus being on Leadership, Ethics & Integrity and Investigations.

PICP Executive Leader: Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho, Fiji Police

Programme Manager: Suzanne Edwards, Australian Federal Police

Contact: [email protected]

Pacific Transnational Crime Network

The Pacific Transnational Crime Network (PTCN) provides a Police-led proactive criminal intelligence and investigative capability to combat transnational crime in the Pacific through a multi-agency and regional approach. The PTCN is proudly supported by the Australian Federal Police, New Zealand Inc., and the Joint Interagency Task Force-West.

Pacific Forensic Working Group (PFWG)

The Pacific Forensic Working Group (PFWG) role is to enhance sustainable police forensic capability by identifying and implementing sustainable forensic capacity building activities for the Pacific region. The PFWG provides a forum for sharing information on forensic training and knowledge in the Pacific.

Cyber Safety Pasifika

The Cyber Safety Pasifika (CSP) program is a partnership between the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police, representing an opportunity to be truly proactive in preventing cyber-crime by sharing knowledge gained in Australia and globally with our colleagues throughout the Pacific

Women’s Advisory Network

The mission of the PICP WAN is to support and enhance the contributions of women in policing within the Pacific region.

Pacific Police Crime Prevention Programme

The Pacific Crime Prevention Programme was drafted in 2015 and was discussed at the PICP conference in Niue. Although still currently in draft form the Pacific Crime Prevention Strategy has been distributed to PICP Members. There is currently no organized regional implementation of the programme.