PPDVP has a regional focus on developing a common and consistent understanding and approach in relation to domestic violence issues amongst all 21 Pacific Police agencies and linked organisations.
The vision of PPDVP is that of a “Safer Pacific free from Domestic Violence”

Implementing Structure

PPDVP runs from the NZ Police International
PPDVP is underpinned by various governance documents:
PPDVP Activity Design Document 2012.
Memorandum of Understandings between New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs – NZAID and the NZ Police, updated annually in a financial agreement and business plan.
MoU with the Commissioners of each participating country
Letter of Agreement 2012, with AFP, and updated annually.
PICP Declaration of Partnership 2007, renewed annually.

RMS_5370History in last 5 years

PPDVP commenced in 2005 and is funded by NZ Aid Programme (MFAT) to 2016. A review in 2015 of PPDVP will focus on any transition process post June 2016. This review will provide options for future action, if this is required, desired and supported.

The focus of the Evaluation will include:

  • Extent to which domestic violence remains a priority in the region
  • Progress made to reach the agreed outcomes and objectives in each country and regionally
  • The effectiveness of the approach (mentors in country) to deliver results
  • The impact that the programme has had with police and partners in countries and regionally

A key component will be advice from the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) and input from individual police chiefs and the PICP Organisation.

RMS_5504Current Projects and/or Focus

An evaluation of the effectiveness of PPDVP will be undertaken at the end of 2015 to assess progress and to allow decisions to be made about any future activity. The views of PICP members will be sought by the review team, and in some cases in-country assessments may be undertaken.

PICP Executive Leader

Niue Police Chief Tony EDWARDS

Programme Manager

NZPol: Cam Ronald
[email protected]
ph: +64 44707213

PICP Secretariat Contact

Executive Coordinator [email protected]
Ph: +64 44707327

Primary Funder

NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT)