Through friendship, respect and collaboration, the PICP Women’s Advisory Network supports the advancement of gender equity in Pacific police services.

In 2020 the Chiefs reconfirmed their collective view that ‘policing workforces that are diverse, and reflect the communities they police, are essential to gain and maintain the trust and confidence of Pacific communities. The recruitment, promotion and retention of women in policing is a high priority of the PICP’.

The Chiefs and their WANs connect through the fundamental and shared understanding that if we make policing better for women, we make policing better.

Under the WAN Strategic Direction 2020-2024 the WAN commits to supporting the Chiefs’ collective vision of ‘Our Blue Pacific: Safer together’ through its mission ‘to strengthen policing across our Blue Pacific through the equal and full participation of women’.

It will achieve this through three pillars:
i) Empowering a network of women;
ii) Strengthening productive partnerships between Chiefs and their WAN; and
iii) Advancing and reforming Pacific policing for women, with women.

WAN Strategic Direction 2020-2024 (PDF, 1MB)

Notes about the WAN

All PICP member countries / territories have a Women’s Advisory Network with a nominated Chair.

The WANs may operate differently to each other in relation to their jurisdiction, funding, size and preferred communication method.

Annually, all the WAN Chairs meet to discuss regional WAN priorities and actions.

The Chair of the WAN Chairs is from the PICP member country / territory who is hosting the PICP conference.