Women’s Advisory Network Exchange Programme

The PICP WAN Exchange programme offers short-term development opportunities to both sworn and unsworn women from Pacific police services.  The programme aims to enhance the careers of women in Pacific policing by:

  1. Providing an opportunity to work alongside police officers in another Pacific jurisdiction;
  2. Providing an opportunity to research initiatives adopted by other Pacific police services, in particular on issues affecting women in Pacific policing; and
  3. Promoting the sharing of knowledge and networking with fellow PICP WAN members to strengthen the bond and support for women in Pacific policing.

Applications are open

Expressions of Interest are sought from staff (sworn and unsworn) for short to medium term secondments under the 2019-2020 PICP Women’s Advisory Network (WAN) Exchange Program.

The objectives of PICP WAN Exchange Program are to:

  1. Enhance the career of women in Pacific police services by providing an opportunity to work alongside police officers in another Pacific country;
  2. Research initiatives adopted by Pacific police services, and report to the PICP, to advise on issues affecting women in Pacific policing and to promote good practice; and
  3. Share knowledge and network with fellow PICP WAN members to strengthen the bond of support for women in policing.

The focus areas for 2019-20 are:

  1. Increasing the involvement of women in policing transnational crime through contributing to a regional law enforcement intelligence capability in the Pacific Transnational Crime Coordination Centre (PTCCC) in Samoa.
  2. Addressing specific issues facing women police officers in their own jurisdictions by learning from the experiences of women police officers in other jurisdictions – a WAN to WAN exchange.

Details specific to each of these two focus areas and their related secondments have been included on page 2 of this EOI. An Exchange Evaluation Report, summarising outcomes, key findings and recommendations, must be submitted to the PICP Secretariat at the end of the secondment.

Interested employees are invited to submit:

  • 2018-2019 PICP WAN Exchange Application Form (PTCCC and/or WAN to WAN)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) of no more than 2 pages
  • Passport bio/photo page (passport must be valid until mid-2019 or later).

EOI – WAN Exchange – 2019-20
PTCCC Information Sheet

PICP WAN Exchange 2019-2020 – PTCCC Application Form
PICP WAN Exchange 2019-2020 – WAN to WAN Application Form

Applications must be endorsed by your Supervisor, your WAN Committee and approved by your Commissioner/Chief prior to being forwarded to the PICP-S.

Please forward endorsed applications or any further enquiries to David MacGregor at the PICP Secretariat ([email protected] / phone +64 4 4707327).

Applications close Friday 2 August 2019.

Seconded Pacific Officer Programme

The PICP Secondment programme was established following the 32nd Annual PICP Conference in 2003, where members agreed that the PICP Secretariat would be strengthened and invigorated to meet the objectives of the PICP Strategic Plan by hosting secondments of Pacific police service members.

Current focus of the programme is on matching opportunities with expertise and skill development needs of the individual and their police service. Participants – referred to as Seconded Pacific Officers (SPOs) – are drawn from all PICP member countries (excluding NZ and Australia) and complete a short-term deployment to the PICP Secretariat office at NZ Police National Headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand.

Applications are currently not being taken. Details on the next round of applications to be advised in due course.