Pacific Crime Prevention Programme

The prevention focus Pacific Island Programme is led by New Zealand Police and is now known as the Pacific Island Prevention Programme (PIPP). Prevention Operating Models (POMS) have been developed for several pacific islands including Cook Islands, Kiribati, Niue, and Tuvalu.

The prevention approach supports operating with a prevention mindset and taking every opportunity to prevent harm. The focus is to prevent crime before it happens, and keep communities safe.

The first PIPP Country Level Meetings (CLMs) will be held between NZ Police and each PPS in 2019. The aim of the CLM will be to seek agreement on the work to be undertaken in the forthcoming 12 months including any proposed PIPP Annual work plans.

Image: New Zealand Police National Manger of Prevention Superintendent Eric Tibbott and Commissioner Mara Tetava

PICP Executive Leader: Commissioner Police Maara TETAVA
Cook Islands

PICP Secretariat Contact: Inspector Glyn Rowland

Funding: NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.