Road Safe Pacific

The World Health Organisation outlines that approximately 328 000 people are killed each year in the wider Western Pacific Region as a result of road traffic crashes. Millions more suffer non-fatal injuries including lifelong disability. Road traffic injuries cause considerable economic losses to victims, their families and to nations.

At the 2018 PICP Executive Leadership Team (ELT) meeting in Brisbane, the PICP Secretariat presented a Scoping Report which led to the Chiefs recommending the PICP endorse a single-focus programme of Road Safe Pacific. As a result the PICP Secretariat are establishing a network of Road Policing Leaders from across the Pacific with the primary objective to support and develop Road Safety Plans and build capability across the Pacific.

To establish this network the PICP-S held a workshop in late 2019 for the Pacific Island Road Policing/Traffic Leads to support the development of those plans.

The future Road Policing collective will be action based and will look to support activity and identify what can be achieved domestically and where support can be given. It is envisaged that these forums will also support the Road policing component of any existing Prevention Operations Models (POMS) or strategies through the development of action plans.

PICP are currently working in partnership with the Global Road Safety Partnership (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) to develop this programme of work.