Women’s Advisory Network

The mission of the PICP WAN is to support and enhance the contributions of women in policing within the Pacific region.

The primary objectives are to:

  • Advise the PICP on issues affecting women in Pacific Policing
  • Share knowledge, promote good practice and support women in policing; and
  • Advocate for domestic action to promote gender equality.

Implementing Structure

The PICP WAN was established in 2003 following recommendations made at the Australasian Council of Women in Policing (ACWAP) Conference, and comprises of all 21 PICP countries.

The WAN is underpinned by three primary governance documents:

  • PICP WAN Constitution (updated in 2015);
  • PICP WAN Strategic Direction 2015 – 2019; and
  • PICP WAN Declaration of Commitment

The PICP WAN is program managed by the PICP Secretariat. The PICP Secretariat role as WAN Programme Manager is to provide sound advice and views to the PICP and assist them to maximize the contribution women bring to Policing in the Pacific Region.

History in last 5 years

The primary achievements of the PICP WAN have been:

  • WAN Exchange Program (commenced in 2008 and has averaged six 2-week exchanges per year);
  • WAN Annual Conferences: 12th annual conference in 2015 hosted by NZPolice, whereby Conference to then proceed biennially;
  • Aust Institute of Police Management (AIPM) Scholarships on Leadership and Executive programs.
  • Mentoring Program (currently under development)
  • Pacific Seconded Officers (6-month secondments of Pacific Police to PICP-Secretariat)
  • Leadership Workshops (2014 held in Tahiti, 2015 held in Guam)
  • Quarterly PICP WAN Newsletter

Current Projects and/or Focus

Outcomes from the 2015 PICP WAN Conference (and subsequently endorsed at 2015 PICP Conference) focus future actions on:

  1. Individual & Professional Development Plans developed under PICP WAN brand and distributed to all members in October 2015.
  2. PICP WAN Mentoring Program with a 7-month Pilot program commenced in Samoa in November 2015.
  3. Change from annual to biennial PICP WAN Conferences with a WAN Chairs meeting to be held in alternate year and co-located with PICP Conference (first Chairs meeting to be held in French Polynesia 2016)
  4. Due biennial update of PICP WAN Constitution; and
  5. PICP WAN Driver Training Project with a focus on jurisdictions identifying this as a burning issue: Marshall Islands, Kiribati and Vanuatu.

PICP Executive Leader: Acting Commissioner Mostyn Mangau
Royal Solomon Islands Police Force

Programme Manager: PICP-Secretariat D/Sgt David MacGregor

Funding: NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT) & Australian Federal Police (AFP)